Academic Policies

The school has the academic policies of evaluating the performance of the students on the basis of the following grading system.

Grading System

Grade Percentage Remarks
Distinction (85 and above) Excellent
First division (≥70 - <85) Very good
Second division (≥55 - <70) Good
Third division (≥40 - <55) Satisfactory
Fail Below 40 Unsatisfactory

Description of the Grading System

A) Distinction represents excellent progress and outstanding achievement. A student in this category appears to be functioning to full potential through acceptance of academic responsibility, has the ability to grasp and apply concepts, and to work independently. He/she possesses a positive and constructive attitude.


B) First Division implies above –average progress and achievement. A student in this category demonstrates a keen interest in all subjects and grasps the subject matter with minimum assistance. He/She has a cooperative attitude and is helpful towards others.


C) Second Division implies satisfactory or average progress and achievement .A student in this category does the assigned work in the time. He/she does not generally take an initiative to work on his /her own. This grade is obtained when a student shows an average level of interest in the subject matter, rarely participates in class discussions and does not put much effort in his/her work.

D) Third Division shows below-average progress and achievement. A student in this category habitually submits incomplete and shoddy work. He/she does not submit work on time. He/she has poor study habits and is either too aggressive or extremely passive .He/she requires frequent prodding by the teacher.


E) Fail indicates unsatisfactory work and a lack of progress. A student who falls in this category is much below the level of the class. He/she is a prospective failure unless he/she puts in a lot of hard work.


Category ‘D’ and ‘E’ clearly indicate unsatisfactory progress. Those who obtain these grades must try to better their performance. Otherwise they might be denied promotion.

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