Assignments Policies

1. Students are expected to do homework which includes written, oral work and research based project works. Homework serves three important purposes:

a. To reinforce and supplement skills taught in class.
b. To share a student’s progress with parents.
c. To develop proper study habits for future growth.

Parents are requested to go through their children’s diaries and ensure that they do their homework regularly.

2. A student returning from an illness or absence must meet his or her resumes school to find out how much has been covered in class during his/her absence. Students who remain absent are responsible for finding out the homework either from their teachers or other students in their class. A student must submit all assigned work immediately upon return. It is the student’s / parent’s responsibility not the teacher’s to make sure that all missed work due to absence is completed.

3. If an assignment is not submitted on time the student will get zero for that assignment.

4. Students should develop the habit of doing their homework regularly.

The syllabus being vast, all the exercise at the end of every chapter cannot be done in class due to time limitations. A major part of every exercise is done in class. The rest is left to the students to complete at home. At home, the students are expected to learn, revise and practice the lessons and skills taught in class. Parents/ Guardians should supervise student’s home work and make sure that the students complete the work assigned to them. For those parents/Guardians who are not able to do this due to various reasons, the school runs special classes after school. They are charged extra for these classes. Students who are weak in studies can also attend these classes.

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