Evaluation System

The Excelsior school uses different strategies for the evaluation of its students. It has daily assessment system, project works, unit test and terminal examinations.

Daily Assessment
This criterion of evaluation is based on day to day assignment given to the students. The students are given class work, homework, project works and other day to day activities. On the basis of students’ performance on these activities, their evaluation is made. A record of students’ performance is kept by the class teacher in collaboration with the subject teachers.

Unit Test
A unit test is held at the end of each unit by the subject teacher. This test is to ascertain whether a student can understand the lessons taught in class by the teachers. The record of the unit test is kept in the diary of each student.

Terminal Examination
The school academic year is divided into three terms each consisting of about 80 working days. A terminal examination is held at the end of each term. There are three rounds of terminal exams. These exams cover the lessons taught in 80 working days. These exams are conducted on all major subjects to ensure that the students can handle full- length examination or board examination.

A full written report containing examination results are given to the parents to inform about the student's progress and ability to keep up  with the class. All the examination (except Nepali and Samajik) is taken in English. 

A student is promoted to the immediate higher class or is allowed to take the board exams only if his/her performance is satisfactory in all the examinations conducted in an academic session. 

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