Hritisha Shrestha

Grade: IX B

There is not elevator for success. You have to take the stairs. This is one of the things that I have learned from my school. The Excelsior School was, is and always will be there holding the hands of students and showing them the way to success. We Excelsiorians have learned to build up our self-confidence and to face the obstacles in our life where school has played an instrumental role. Our school’s main focus is activity based instruction which has helped all of us see a new dimensions of studies. The teachers in The Excelsior School are very helpful who made us take the right decision and never put their step back to support the students. Our school has been showing its outstanding performance in S.L.C. examination. Our school has won a lot of trophies whenever we have participated in competitions. Whenever I wear my school uniform and take a look in the mirror, I feel that I am one of the lucky girls to study in the school which has brought a lot of changes in my life. Some special changes through which I have grown a spirit to do my best. And, we Excelsiorians are very proud of our school.


Hritisha Shresthas

– 9B

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